First Day of School

I love these station ideas for the first days of school!

Life's a Tripp

Oh, hey. It’s been a looooooong time, hasn’t it? I told you I’m never good at keeping up with blogs, but this year I’m determined (and also sort of, kind of required to but not exactly). I also really want to. I finally feel like a good teacher, and I feel like I have something to offer other teachers. That said, I’m done rambling. Here’s the plan for my next few posts: “How I Prepared Kids for the AP Lit Test,” “High School Classroom Decor,” and a whole slew of book reviews. I’m also planning to make some KonMari checklists and graphics and talk about decluttering and organizing a space to feel like you’re a real adult with your life together-ish. Today, though, I want to talk about the first day of school. I’m a bit in denial that my first day with kids is NEXT WEEK. How?! I haven’t…

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