Flipped Lesson – Julius Caesar

I’ve taught Julius Caesar before but this time I’m so excited because I found that the creator of the blog, iTeach. iCoach. iBlog., created a lesson plan for the play that focuses on the arguments made in the speeches. And it ends in a Socratic Seminar. I think I’m in love with his lesson plan so that’s basically what we are doing in class for a closer read and understanding of the text.

WSQ – Crash Course “Rome” video (EE)

WSQ/Quiz on the background of Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” (CE)

Read and annotate play (EE)

Coaching groups for annotation (CE)

Argument and ethos/pathos/logos analysis of speeches (EE)

non-fiction text analysis (CE)

political cartoons with Caesar allusions – visual rhetorical analysis (CE)

create a political cartoon (MM)

vocabulary worksheets with vocab videos (MM)

produce a 7 Minute Shakespeare video (MM)

Seminar (DA & MM)

Argument essay (DA)


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