Test driving a locker shelf as an iPad scanning stand

I really need a stand for my classroom iPad so I can use it as a document camera. It’s valuable for students to be able to see and model note-taking and annotation in class. I’ve propped the iPad up before and it works pretty well with the projector – if needed I can even make a short video of the annotation process as part of the “flipped” class model.
After reading this post I think it would be worth trying a locker shelf. Since I’ve got to get the rest of my 4th grader’s school supplies today anyway… look for an update soon.

Technology for the Classical Singer

A while back, I blogged about wanting an iPad scanning stand that was portable, inexpensive, and would work with bound books.  I was planning to make my own stand, but I got lazy and purchased this inexpensive locker shelf instead:

Magna Card Locker Shelf / Credit: Amazon.com

The locker shelf folds flat.  Conveniently, I already own a bag that is the right size for it:

Yesterday, I took the locker shelf and my iPad with the Scanner Pro app installed to the music library for a test drive.  This time around, I wasn’t scanning scores, but rather a few pages from the Nico Castel libretti books.  Here’s what my setup looked like (click any of the images for the full-sized version):

Here’s a sample of the image quality from the original camera image:

And here’s a sample of the image quality after Scanner Pro has fixed the…

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