Let’s BRAWL: Throwing Socratic Seminars out of the ring

I love using seminar in classes, so I am filing this away for later.

: the readiness is all

*updated 3/19/14 with new resource link on the bottom of this post.

AND HULK HOGAN is getting tossed over the top rope!


When I was a kid my brothers and I loved watching wrestling. The larger than life characters and simple good vs. evil plot line appealed to young boys. About once a year they would have a large event and the highlight of that event was called a Battle Royal or Royal Rumble. There were twenty or so wrestlers inside the ring at once. It was a spectacle. Before the bout started you would see wrestlers forming impromptu teams, working together to knock off the best fighters in the ring and then towards the end it was mano-a-mano. It was the best ten minutes of TV until the next Battle Royal.

I want to capture that excitement, of team and individual competition, in my classroom.

Every year I get…

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