A screencast is a video made of the activity on your computer screen for the purpose of  demonstration or communication.

How can you use screencasts in your classroom?

  • How to videos
    • Show a process or series of actions and are often easier to follow than written instructions.
    • Show students your own thought processes as your read and mark-up a text
    • Show how to determine if a website or article is a quality source
  • Student feedback
    • You can use a screencast as a way of commenting on an electronically submitted student paper, highlighting and adding notations on your screen at the same time. (saving paper too!)

Are there more possibilities?

There are a lot of creative ways to use screencasting software to teach and engage students and parents. I especially like the Get Inspired! web page on Tech Smith’s website.

Screencasting Tools

Jing (free, small download)

SnagIt (record your screen and yourself!)

Camtasia (can be expensive, but is very detailed)

Screencast-o-matic (free, no download)

Adobe Captivate (high cost, very detailed)

Screenr (free! really easy to use as an online tool)


Hosting videos





Videos I have made


Jing – a video I made for my master’s portfolio

A few great presentations


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