The Walden Experiment

Created March 2009

What it is
Step 1: choose three quotes from Walden that “speak” to you personally

Step 2: find two contemporary books (other media must be approved) that relate somehow to your quotes and record the bibliographical information

Step 3: implement an action plan that makes a change in your life and is related to the quotes – you will give a presentation to the class during the first week in March


become vegan

eat a healthy breakfast every day

stop wearing a watch

live in a tent in the yard

keep a dream journal

stop cracking knuckles

create a piece of art every day

create a musical composition each week

read children’s literature

clean out closet & donate clothing

clean out storage boxes

At the end of the assignment students filled out self-evaluations with the following questions:

  1. What worked in my project these last few weeks? What did not work?
  2.  What brought me happiness/disappointment?
  3. Where was I successful?
  4. What were my greatest challenges/lessons?
  5. What am I most proud of ? What do I most regret?
  6. How did I grow, improve, and expand myself?
  7. What letter grade would I give myself (add +s and -s) for this project? Think about whether you pushed yourself enough and how you could have improved.

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