Public Service Announcements

Instructions: Use this form to outline your PSA. You may need to use a separate sheet of paper to complete Section 1; you should complete that section first and wait until you have had a chance to complete the online Persuasion Map ( to finish the rest of the outline.

Target  Audience
Message – Topic
Sound Used
Visual Imagery Used
Print Imagery Used
How do you want viewers to feel when they watch this PSA?
What action do you want viewers to feel they have to take after viewing this PSA?
Scenario: Characters act out the problem. Write script for actions and dialogue (use back of sheet or another piece of paper as necessary).
Goal: These words flash across the screen.
Reasons: Voiceover explains the problem
while image shows problem.
Facts: Voiceover discusses the facts while image shows facts.
For More Information:
Show organization phone or website (make one up or use existing).




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