Film project


Parody “exaggerates the subject matter, philosophy, characters, language, style, or other features of a given author or particular work.  Such imitation calls attention to both versions; such scrutiny may show the original to be a masterpiece–or to be in need of improvement.  Parody derives much of its humor from the double vision of the subject that writer and readers share” (Bloom 620).  Think Weird Al Yankovic
Satire “is humorous, witty criticism of people’s foolish, thoughtless, or evil behavior.  The satirist ridicules some aspect of human nature–or life in general–that should be changed” (Bloom 622). Think Jonathan Swift

These days traditional word-processed essays are still required, but so are Power Point/KeyNote presentations, podcasts, videos, oral presentations with a multi-media component. Also, we have the tools that Web 2.0, the ability to edit and write the content of the Internet, have given us.

Everything is a persuasive argument, and individuals create an impression of themselves through their formal and informal writing and other composition. Students are involved in a portfolio process of smaller assignments that work in conjunction with two semester-long projects, one an individual problem-based research project and the other an episode of a student produced docu-drama about our high school.

Students created parodies of South Anchorage High School and Discovery Channel shows.

All of the forms, lessons, and resources are uploaded to Google Docs. You must be logged in to your ASD account to access these.
Information about each, and whether or not it is required reading is in the “Description” of the item. Click on the box to the left of the document name and you will see “Description” on the right-hand side.



oversee other jobs
responsible for equipment
acquire media release forms
stay in touch with teacher (executive producer)

Director & Primary Editor

story board the script
shoot the scenes and record the dialogue
edit a quality short feature


outline the plot
write the script
update the script as details change
maintain communication with other writers/groups to ensure continuity


use traditional communication and social media to promote Digi Comp films
maintain communication and pool resources with other publicists

Propmaster & location scout & talent scout

determine, with the director, locations, props needed, and actors
keep track of continuity in clothing, props, lighting, etc.
acquire prior permission, using provided forms, for filming at locations and using props
acquire media release forms for all people in the film who are not in DigiComp class

Blogging progress

In a project of this size and scope it is vital to stay focused and stay on-track.
One of your individual assignments is to blog twice a week on what you and your group have been doing.

Your posts should be detailed, use formal language, and be spell-checked and proof-read if you expect to get full credit. Missed posts cannot be made up for late grades.
I should be able to understand the basics of what you’ve been doing and be able to ask intelligent follow-up questions in class.


A variety of mentors from around the country have volunteered their professional experience to help you and your classmates.

These mentors will also be available to help students who are working on the docu-drama in that particular area in a Google Doc chat/share document. Be professional and respectful. Add your mentors to your Linked In profile. The connections you make today could be helpful in helping you get a job in the future.


You will use Google Docs to collaborate with your production group and the group of students in the same role.

The expectation is that you check in with others on a very regular basis. If you don’t see anything going on then ask a question, post an inspiring video, a new idea, etc.
I’ll be assessing your progress for students conferences through your group collaborative documents, Edmodo, and your Moodle blog.

Student examples:


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