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This is a good article. Unspoken, or only hinted at, in this very conservative newspaper, is that strikes are effective.

When employers treat workers shabbily, a strike is justified.

When working conditions are intolerable, a strike is justified.

When management engages in harmful practices–like closing schools and handing the kids over to private entrepreneurs–a strike is justified.

The hidden message: Teachers of America, get your comfortable shoes ready.

Protect the children in your care.

Defend public education against privatization.

Strike reluctantly, but strike if you must.

Only one error here: Chicago’s teachers have had 17 years of “top-down disruptions” (aka, “reform”) not just 10.

September 23, 2012, 6:25 p.m. ET
A Gold Star for the Chicago Teachers Strike

After 10 years of top-down disruptions, teachers showed the power of collective action by those who work in schools.


After more than a decade of…

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