Those of you who found me through my ASTE presentations this year may be interested in this post from the demo portfolio blog I created as a model for the students in my Digi Comp classes since it shows both the use of QR codes and data visualizations/infographics.

Demo Portfolio

In the definition unit we had to define ourselves through two different resumes.

The first resume was of the traditional type and I used Pages to create mine. From there we created a non-traditional resume, or alternative resume, based on the information we included in our traditional resume. The alternative resumes were intended to make us stand out in a job interview or other type of interview. It was challenging at first to figure out what to do to make myself stand out, and I ended up creating a few different alternative resumes. My first one has my traditional resume on one side and on the opposite side a photo of my computer with a QR code that takes viewers to my digital portfolio.

Here is a link to my traditional/first alternative resume in Google Docs.

When I began updating my LinkedIn profile (I received more recommendations from connections, updated…

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